Tight Taps Tap Shoe Screws

by: Tight Tap

Tap dance into our world of replacement tap shoe screws!

The tap screws are designed to fit your typical three screw tap shoes, examples are: K360's, Classic, Oxford, Character Tap, Manhattan Xtreme and Jazz Tap. 

These screws come in 3 sizes:

Standard - Ideal for a back up screw or replacing a first time problem screw.

Medium - Excellent for replacing a loose screw that has fallen out and has made the screw hole large.

Large - Perfect for the problem screw that will not stay in, has fallen out many times and you need a large screw.

and available as a:

Sample Pack - The most popular! The pack to keep in every tap dancers bag… no matter if you're in class, a rehearsal or in the middle of a show. This pack has two of each screw to fix your taps

Pro Series - Replacement for the Jason Samuels Smith shoe and Capezio K360, 1/2" in length.

Build Ups - Original size replacements for double or triple build ups, Fits best with Capezio K360, Miller and Ben or Ruben Sanchez shoes, 1/2″ in length


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