Sansha - F.R. Duval REG Pointe Shoes

by: Sansha

The F. R. Duval FLX Pointe Shoe has a specially designed shank that uses new innovative plastic technology that creates a durable, but flexible shoe that always returns back to the same pre-arched form. The shank and the shoe have been designed to never break down or change shape, this means that the shoe lasts much longer than the traditional paste shoe. The shank in these shoes does not break down so it is important to choose the correct strength.

• Satin upper
• Medium Vamp
• Elastics attached

 Model: SA 15PS-PIK-R-W

Sansha Sizing Info
M = Medium Width, W = Wide Width, X = Extra Wide Width

Sansha 6 = UK Adult 3.5
Sansha 7 = UK Adult 4
Sansha 8 = UK Adult 5
Sansha 9 = UK Adult 5.5
Sansha 10 = UK Adult 6.5
Sansha 11 = UK Adult 7.5


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