Grishko 2007 Pro Flex Pointe Shoes

by: Grishko

The 2007 Pro Flex Pointe Shoe is a lighter, quieter, more flexible variant of the 2007. Some teachers may use this for students who are not well prepared for Pointe and need a softer shank, but they should only be worn at the barre as there is not enough support for a beginner to be in the centre. The model is make with two innovative technologies - PRO technology makes these Pointe shoes almost noiseless on stage and FLEX technology is used in the shank construction this ensures easier roll-up from demi-Pointe to Pointe. Suitable for use in performance 'tomorrow' as no braking in required. Can be used for beginners if they only do barre work or can really hold themselves out of the shoe, otherwise not enough support.

• Satin upper
Medium Shank
U-Shaped vamp
• Fits a wide variety of feet


Model: GR 2700 PRO FLEX

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