Bloch Pointe Shoe Stretch Kit

by: Bloch

Bloch's Professional Kit for dancers and students for use on pointe and demi pointe shoes. It comes with Bloch's excellent quality stretch ribbon, covert elastic and needle and thread for stitching in a beautiful storage tin making it perfect to throw into your dance bag for any emergency repair work or it would make a perfect gift for a ballet student.

Each tin consists of: Bloch stretch ribbon, Bloch covert elastic, needle set with 2 sewing needles and a stitch ripper, ballet shoe pink thread, safety pins for holding ribbon or elastic in place while sewing and a little instruction guide for a first time pointe shoe ribbon sewer!

• Ribbon 250cm
• Covert Elastic 50cm
• Spool of wax coated pink thread
• Safety pins x2
• Sewing needle x2
• Quick unpick x1

Model: BL A0527



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